September 13, 2017

Annual Refugee Quota Reached in July: Cap Set at 50K

The president is considering lowering the number of refugees admitted into the country to fewer than 50,000, which would make it the lowest number since 1980.



Someone’s Been Drinking Her Own Kool-Aid

Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened contains a section where the failed presidential candidate literally tries to assert that George Orwell’s 1984 – a book about the tyranny and abuse of an all powerful authoritarian state – is about the need to trust authority.



The Giant That Eviscerates Nations Is Wakened Thus


A black rapper has sparked outrage after his latest video showed him lynching a white child.



U.S. Air Force C-130’s Help Texas Counter Mosquito Surge


Texas has launched aerial attacks on mosquitoes swarming coastal regions of the state and threatening to spread disease and hinder disaster recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.



Your Time Is Almost Up

You know those WTF moments slamming those of us with a pulse every day, moments that have less and less space between them, like those hideous bookends your MIL gave you. The ones that are so ugly you can’t bring yourself to use them, so you keep them hidden, back to back, behind the A thru C volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica set your crazy aunt gave you on your 14th birthday?

Well, last night, I had one of the more memorable ones (for me anyway) since Trump was sworn in.

So all the censorship, demonetization, limited-state, “you’ll upload content approved by the wing-nuts at the helm of You Tube and Google” or the army of You Tube Youth will flag, report and suspend your channel hasn’t affected me financially, because it’s only been recently (within the last several months) that my narrated news joined the You Tube community. First, from late March through the end of May of this year, I narrated roughly 300 articles and political commentary for American Intelligence Media and then for my own channel beginning May 31st. Nothing was ever monetized, so the happy horse-shit financial punishment, censorship garbage didn’t directly effect me.

Then, on August 30 I received an action request from You Tube regarding a video I posted about the new P2P video sharing site, BitChute. Someone on the You Tube team decided the meta data was misleading and locked the video as private. Anyone that knows me, knows I refuse to play with hypocrites, morons and ass-hats. I’m one of those, “don’t give them the satisfaction” kinda people.

So, rather than editing and amending my video followed by sufficient grovelling, I deleted it.

End of story.


So fast-forward to last night. I’m getting ready to call it a night, when all of a sudden a Twitter shit-storm, that had been raging for nearly 12 hours, makes its way to my feed. I see a thumb nail of a young white woman’s face (a close-up) with a tear running down her cheek. The headline above the video’s thumb nail read: Hey White Christians, Your Time Is Almost up!!!

Uploaded to you tube on the 8th of September, by You Tube’s official brown-nosers, TYT, and monetized for anyone out there wondering, it is an extremely disturbing example of what our future holds, if the socialists running this sick side-show get their wish.

I can’t decide what struck me as most disgusting. The fact that a channel with the same name as the battalion of butchers that committed the Armenian genocide in the early 1900’s, which annihilated over 1.5 million Christians, reported that White Christians’ time in the US is almost up with smug gleeful attitudes, the sell-out kasparian, who is Armenian if you can believe it and well aware of the fact that her unshaven, wearing dress shirts that have never had the advantage of a good bleaching when laundered, co-host has gone on the record to say he does not believe the butchering of Christians occurred and will hold to that belief until more proof can be presented him, the use of the qualifier, white, or the fact that you tube and its censorship brigade deems this garbage adheres to their changing-like-a-lava-lamp community guidelines and therefore is monetized.

The first amendment wasn’t written to protect speech that no one finds offensive. It was written to protect speech that IS offensive. Offensive to the bloated apparatus of state, offensive to those that hold contrary opinions, offensive to whose crimes are exposed by the exercise of such speech.

We are now treading through a mine field, ladies and gentlemen. A mine field structured by a force that has seemingly unlimited energy and focus as it relates to its goal.

When the largest video sharing platform ever developed owned by the most intrusive, manipulative search engine on the planet, supports and financially rewards content that can be argued to be hateful and violence inciting against a particular group, while simultaneously demonetizing and deleting countless channels that provide political commentary that doesn’t fit the narrative they force-feed the masses, your time is almost up.

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