Emmanuel Macron is Louis XVI


It is easy to imagine ridiculous young President Emmanuel Macron of France as his fellow free-trading liberal King Louis XVI. Macron’s extraordinary pretensions to dignity and being a king, far from elevating him, have stripped him of the bogus credibility the corrupt, servile mainstream media of Europe and the United States tried to give him.









Truly, no one has ever seen anything like this in American history.

Numerous members of the U.S. Congress as well as the Judicial Branch have refused to defend the extremely vulnerable open borders of the United States of America.
The very same traitors have flaunted their willful neglect and serial law-breaking where it concerns the protection of the American people from all sorts of threats due to open borders and illegal immigration.  These dire threats only exist because of the extremely porous Mexican border.

The very same treasonous members of Congress and the Judiciary are well aware of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists who have easily gained entry into the USA over the past several years.




U.S. Doctor Exposed to Ebola Flown to Omaha


An American doctor who was reportedly exposed to the Ebola virus while working with patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo arrived in the U.S. Saturday and was taken to a Nebraska hospital.

The physician, who is not identified for privacy reasons, was privately flown to Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday afternoon and transported to University of Nebraska Medical Center, officials with the medical center announced Saturday.