Dear Ms. Headlines With A Voice,

Dear Ms. Headlines With A Voice,

A member of congress so duly elected, Maxine Waters has publicly declared war on the American public with her open declaration on her treasonous followers to confront, engage, and use violence on members of this duly elected Presidency and his administration and his supporters and followers the American people who constitute the majority of the population. She has declared open war on all of us. Please allow that thought to sink in.

I would like to know where the “Good Agents” of the FBI and DOJ are right now who should be investigating Maxine Waters and her staff for outright sedition against the legitimate ruling body of this great nation. Where are all these “Good Agents”? Why aren’t they investigating, taking into custody and securing the American people? Perhaps they are too busy destroying incriminating evidence of their treasonous acts and making sure all their 302’s are in-line with their lies and redacting any negative or damaging evidence against their SES (SS) masters? Perhaps they are all seeking immunity deals to save their careers? One thing is very clear! The DOJ and their fearless leader Jeff (Mr. Magoo) Sessions along with the entranced American Gestapo FBI is doing absolutely nothing to safeguard the American people.

Now that we have had time to digest the ominous threat posed by our esteemed congresswoman one thing is clear. The American people have heard that threat. There is now a clear and present danger to this great republic and that enemy is our DOJ and FBI along with the CIA and NSA and the rest of these rogue Gestapo agencies. They have woken a dangerous sleeping giant who when angered from his slumber has risen with great rage and malice in his heart. This giant has in his sorted past woken and slayed many an enemy. Those enemies realized the error of their ways and paid an ultimate price. Just ask Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

What these traitors did and have been doing will have grave ramifications in the near immediate future. This sleeping beast is awake and he is angered. Never before has this giant risen to such an immediate threat in his own back yard. This giant clearly understands the danger is here this time on his soil and in his liar. This fills him with great resolve, rage and a hatred that even our lord fears. This giant knows only one thing will stop this threat and stop it for good. What these traitors have forgotten or are too delusional to comprehend is that our glorious citizens are the most heavily armed populace in the world. Of the 11 billion weapons on this planet the American people own 81% of those weapons. Let that sink in for a moment.

These traitors also have forget this little fact. The American military is the American peoples sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers of we the people. They too posses the same beliefs that we the people have been raised on. Ms. Mad Maxine Waters has declared war on over 68 million US armed veterans, citizen solders and out right patriots. We are that great sleeping giant and this is now war. We did not want war but war is upon us. We wanted to solve our problems peacefully. Congress through Maxine Waters has declared war on its populace. If war is what you want, then war is what you will get. We the people will bring a war which one has never seen before on this planet. It will be violent and it will leave many dead but it is what congress wished for and declared. No longer will the United States Government possess a monopoly on violence. We the people will seize that monopoly and we will succeed. The Republic will stand and these minority criminals will be vanquished from this land. The grapes of wrath is now open for business. We will stop at nothing in unrestricted warfare. We invented the gorilla war.

The battle cry will be death to the treasonous FBI and DOJ. I along with millions of fellow Americans will die for our beliefs because our cause is just and our quarrel honorable. (Shakespeare). Good luck FBI, DOJ. We are about to play cowboys and traitors. Mr. President, your Ghandi like approach is not working so you can take a seat as we dispose of these traitors.



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