The DOJ Presents: A Love Story

It has been speculated for some time, an intimate relationship never existed between disgraced FBI operative, Peter Strzok, and former FBI counsel, Lisa Page. That the duo engaged in back and forth texting on an unprecedented level, both in the number of texts and the time-frame said texts were sent and received (last I checked it was somewhere near 50,000) and the treasonous, subversive, conspiratorial nature of those texts (the ones the DOJ deemed acceptable for public consumption, so to speak) has been established.

What has not been established, is that Page and Strzok were, in fact, engaged in an extramarital relationship. Their alleged relationship and the alleged intimate nature and content of the still unreleased 10’s of 1000’s of texts the duo sent and received, is the reason the U.S. Justice Department cites for withholding them from both the public and the U.S. Congressional Committees charged with the oversight and investigation of the FBI’s conduct as it relates to the unlawful surveillance of and attempted coup against President Donald Trump.

In the texts that have been released and unredacted, nowhere, to my knowledge, are indications the duo were engaged in an affair. What these texts do indicate and confirm to any reasonable person, are Strzok and Page, were in fact, engaged in activities that were criminal and treasonous. It is the contention of many independent journalists, there never existed, between Page and Strzok, anything more than a professional relationship and that the alleged extramarital affair is a DOJ and FBI fabrication. A crafted relationship; a story to use as the excuse for withholding 10’s of 1000’s of texts between the two. Texts which many, myself included, believe contain plans to assassinate our President.

The following clip from yesterday’s joint session of congress, where Strzok testified, supports the theory many hold; that an extramarital relationship between Page and Strzok never existed. After viewing the clip I’m about to show you, I’ll go a step further. Not only did said intimacies never take place between the two, it is not within Strzok’s nature, so to speak. Let’s say it’s a gut feeling. If he is indeed married, it’s possible he’s a switch-hitter. But I know men, and from where I’m sitting, someone has more than a little sugar in their tank. Just sayin’.



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