7 thoughts on “Do You Still Believe?”

  1. I came off the Q stuff but am now back on board. If you are familiar with the latest haps, there is no way you could be against it unless you are also against POTUS. He has given numerous confirmations over and over that he is in on what Q is saying. I know it could still turn out that POTUS is one of the cult too, playing us all. But if you believe in POTUS you must also believe in Q because he keeps confirming it in such solid ways even I came back. I hope you are having doubts and not compromised, I really like your channel.


  2. How clever of CNN to get Jim Acosta to hold up a Q sign in constant, steady, perfect alignment with their cameras.
    Leni Riefenstahl Would be very impressed. LOL. #walkaway

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  3. Dammit, Nancy, I really liked your channel – till now. Now you turn against QAnon and force me to unsubscribe. A pity. I really thought you were backing Trump. He has acknowledged Q so many times (17) that only an idiot could think that Q is NOT on his team.
    Goodbye, Nancy.


  4. Zionist Bankers? LOL. Do you know why there are Zionist Bankers? The Catholic Church. Because only J e w s were vile enough to handle money. Talk about being duped. You have fallen for what is probably the longest running false flag operation in history. Just remember it is not a Christian Church. It is the Church of Rome.

    BTW the thrust of your argument is generally good. But you leave out human nature. Most humans WANT to be ruled. This notion is alluded to in the Declaration of Independence. Now unless you can create a nation of Free Men PDQ you have to work with things as they are. My condolences.

    I have to say that with respect to Liberty we have a pretty good culture. Americans won’t obey laws they don’t like. And that disrespect is occasionally applauded by a majority of Americans. – Alcohol Prohibition. And currently Pot Prohibition.


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