The Lance, Cicada 3301 and Q

Our hunt began in April 2017, when we first learned of Cicada 3301 and watched a video asking whether Cicada 3301 members had found the Holy Lance.

From first the time we saw this video, we became interested in Cicada 3301. It was intriguing. What were these puzzles that lured the world’s highly intelligent people into their “group of puzzlers”?



3 thoughts on “The Lance, Cicada 3301 and Q”

  1. Ms. Headlines with a Voice, you are revealing your dark side by your attempts at quashing Q. Why attack a simple truth movement, which simply asks questions, and gives hope for taking back our world. I looked deeper, and found you support Glass Beads, and articles supporting acceptance of Evil and Lucifer? I had enjoyed your YouTube Views, but, I have to question your motivations… Be Careful. Are you a Wolf in Sheep clothing?


    1. Good luck in your quest for the truth. I hope one day soon, you will find the strength to see your world from a perspective other than that of organized religion and the disinformation propagated by those who dictate what you must believe. I am a follower of Christ Jesus. Be careful what you allow yourself to be subjected to and who you disparage.
      Good luck in all your endeavors. May they bring you freedom and peace.


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