The 3 Minute Crowd

I gotta tell ya, the emails I’ve received in response to the New York Times op-ed
hit-piece I narrated yesterday are disheartening. The number of people that responded as though I authored that treasonous trash is astounding. Absolutely astounding.

This morning has been like a scene from Fellini. Surreal, somewhere out in left-field and unfortunately absent the enchanting Gelsomina.






One thought on “The 3 Minute Crowd”

  1. I saw all the downvotes on YouTube and knew immediately this video was coming, and when I heard “The emails I received” I burst out laughing. I’m sorry it happened, but it was too funny.
    Researchers knew that smart devices connected to the world-wide-web allowing for an endless stream of information would be bad for the public, but of course, no-one was allowed to be warned of its effects. Now attention spans and memories have been lowered well below that of a goldfish, and I’ll admit it that I’ve been a victim of clicking away before a video was over. I often feel like there’s just not enough time, that I’ve got the gist of it and I’ll move on so I don’t miss anything else. It should be made mandatory that people be unplugged for at least a day or two, it’s not like us not seeing our rights and liberties being taken out from underneath us is going to change anything.


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