Save a Tree. Use a Rag.


Every entity on the following list, is dirty in every sense of the word. These are the permanently stained and ready for the rag-bag. Not the bag full of soft pieces of cloth your mother used to polish the furniture. The other rag-bag. The one that hangs on a nail in the out-house. And everyone knows those rags are good for one thing and one thing only.

It’s time to relegate each and every one of the following individuals and entities connected to the International Crisis Group, to the duty best suited to them. Out-house rag-bag detail. Because they’ve proven over and over again that’s all they’re good for … if that. If you’re not familiar with the International Crisis Group and the upheavals they spread everywhere and anywhere they choose, funded with your tax-dollars, see my October 25, 2018 upload titled, Why Is No One Reporting This?



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