Could This Be Trump’s Caravan Fix ?

Yesterday, President Donald Trump held a press conference to address immigration policies and securing the U.S. southern border as the main caravan of Honduran migrants quickly approaches. That they are being hauled by buses, trucks and trains is indisputable.

Embedded sources report the main caravan has swelled from 15,000 to 20,000 members. Additionally, there are several more caravans that have formed within the past week also making their way to our southern border.

But that isn’t my focus. Rather, let’s consider the President’s solution to this influx as stated in yesterday’s press conference.

President Trump stated he is prepared to send an additional 15,000 military personnel to assist the Border Patrol and the National Guard currently fortifying our border with Mexico. President Trump stated the caravan members are not coming into the U.S. He stated this more than once. They are not coming in.

The President, at the press conference, stated catch-and-release will no longer be an option and that this method will be stopped immediately. Thus, tent cities are currently being set-up to house migrants waiting for a judge to rule on whether they may remain in the United States legally.

Because from the time migrants request asylum, at a legal port of entry, to the time they receive a court date, can be from a year to a year and six months, the United States has been using the catch-and-release method. This means, if migrants are accompanied by minors they claim are their children, at the time they request asylum or at the time they are apprehended at the US border, due to a US law that requires their alleged minor children may not be detained for a period longer than 20 days, and because US Customs and Immigration facilities can’t accommodate the numbers that have been streaming into the US, they are released into the US population and are expected to appear at their hearing many years in the future. This has resulted in an estimated 10-30 million illegals currently in the US, because the majority never appear for their immigration hearing. Because the numbers are so overwhelming this practice has extended to all migrants if US Customs and Immigration are not able to establish that they are in the criminal systems of their countries of origin. This has been the method for many years.

The President stated migrants must prepare themselves for an extended stay in the tent cities. They will be housed there until the time of their immigration hearing. So expect to be housed their for a number of years. Again, the President stated they are not coming in.

There are some elements within this current situation that struck me as obvious.

Number one: The President stated legal entry into the US will be based on merit. In other words, those admitted must have the skills required to fill the positions currently available and soon to be available in the US. For example, the President recently spoke of Foxconn, a company that manufactures components for Apple products, building a 10 billion dollar plant in Wisconsin creating an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 US jobs. The skills required to fill those positions and others available, are some of the skills migrants must established they possess in order to be allowed entry into our country based on this merit system.

Do a Google image-search for caravan. Select any of the hundreds that appear. Enlarge it. Take a close look. What do you see?

Because these images have been an integral part of creating at least 22 of my recent daily uploads, I can say with confidence, I have only observed potential day laborers, at best. I can also say with confidence, the US has more than it’s share of day laborers.

Number two: Even the mainstream media has begun to report that US troops on active duty are being deployed to the US Mexico border along with heavy equipment. The Times reported: US authorities have installed new chain-link gates and fencing on the Progreso International Bridge, giving officials a crowd-control tool for the first time by allowing them, when necessary, to completely shut off the bridge to cars and pedestrians coming from Mexico. The new barriers remained open on Thursday. But the additional fencing, the military-style drills and the arrival of equipment and small groups of Army personnel in advance of an expected large contingent of thousands of US troops represents a far more visible display of a militarized border than has been seen in South Texas in recent years.

Again, the President stated they are not coming in.

Take into consideration what the President stated during yesterday’s press conference regarding the clashes between Mexican law enforcement, military and members of caravans number 2 and 3 in Chiapas. He said this was not an innocent group, but rather a tough group responsible for hurting badly members of the Mexican military and police. Responding to a reporter’s question about whether our military would fire on them. The President stated that he hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but added that a rock thrown in the face as what happened recently in Chiapas, would not be tolerated by our military, that we’re not going to put up with that. He added that he has instructed the military deployed at the border to consider rocks thrown at them as though they were rifles and that the US military will fight back.

So here’s what I’m thinking. The US military, according to Federal law, can not engage with migrants on US soil and may only be present in a support role to the Border Patrol and National Guard. Taking into consideration what the President stated during yesterday’s press conference regarding the clashes between Mexican law enforcement and members of caravans number 2 and 3 in Chiapas and that he has instructed our military to defend itself should a similar situation arise. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything military-related, this is just what looks really obvious to me, It appears to me, that the President is prepared to select, if necessary, the only logical and effective solution to preventing such a large influx and the additional caravans that have formed and are still forming, from storming across the border and into the US. That is to stop them before they reach US soil. This would require US troops to move beyond our border and a little ways into Mexico. This would explain the President’s instruction to our military to defend themselves. At the very least, maybe this is where the tent cities will be set-up. 

Remember, the President stated they are not coming in.





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