Now What?

So who’s gonna do something about this mess? Anyone out there have any more bright ideas? Because I’m all ears. The longer the thieving continues, the more we lose. It’s time to face what I consider to be inevitable at this stage in the game.

The time for action, as far as securing the mid-term elections, came and went a long time ago. The Dept. of Homeland Security, was tasked with securing our elections.


One thought on “Now What?”

  1. Finally. I could leave positive comments for your videos. It seems on YouTube you don’t have the option. Believe me I understand why you don’t.
    But this was a great report and I wanted to let you know that. You were always on point.
    It’s unbelievable how brazen they are and how so out the open with their criminality. It’s because they know nothing is going to happen to them at the moment. Someone else is pulling of the legal strings in our country. Yet we just sit here waiting patiently. But I think patience is weird because in for patriots.


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