The Best Christmas Ever


Watch Anderson Cooper do exactly what the demonic forces that sign his pay-check hired him to do. Obediently read whatever garbage scrolls across his teleprompter.

And the ass-hats at CNN wonder why their ratings continue to tank. The people of the U.S. are on to this blatant propaganda. You know, all I want for Christmas is Cooper his ilk and their handlers and at the very least, every law-breaking traitor in this meme the President re-tweeted, to receive very long prison sentences. That would be the best Christmas ever.





3 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Ever”

  1. why is demon beady eyes trying so hard to discredit this man??? tell him it will contaminate his dinner and you’ll see his attitude change gentleman’s responses.


  2. Mockingbird word salad….MERCURY is an element….there is NO safe Mercury compound for human consumption, not ingested, not injected, not inhaled and not as topical treatment. Cooper is a mental pooper.


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