‘Your Time is Up’


The South African parliament approved a motion that would set up an ad-hoc committee to recommend procedures on how land expropriation without compensation would work. Earlier this year, the parliament approved constitutional changes that would give the government power to take land from white farmers without paying for it.



2 thoughts on “‘Your Time is Up’”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Looks like white folk farmers in South Africa are going to have to pack their bags, even though their families have been on the land for hundreds of years before the presence of local tribes…


  2. Stalin collectivization of Soviet Ukraine resulted in starvation deaths of +/- 20 million….

    Nassar collectivization destroyed Egypt’s food, and export sugar and cotton markets….

    Collectivization only works for the ruling demonic warlords….end feudalism….


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