It’s Time to Pull Back


Many are citing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s advocacy for a higher minimum wage and comparing it with an ad he recently placed for unpaid interns. They’ve determined, for obvious reasons, Schumer is a hypocrite.

And although his calls for an increase in the minimum wage together with his recent ad for unpaid labor constitutes hypocrisy, people are missing the bigger picture.

To keep the DC swamp stocked with future dwellers, it’s imperative interns receive very little, to no monetary compensation for their efforts. It’s set-up that way for a reason:

It deprives anyone who isn’t a member of a wealthy family able to sponsor them during their internship, of the opportunity to serve in the Senate. This nearly guarantees, only the children of wealthy parents will apply for these positions. It’s a way to keep it all in the upper-crust family, so to speak. Gotta groom the next generation of swamp dwellers. Gotta keep the swamp stocked. Kinda like what Fish and Game does for lakes on a seasonal basis. Fills em with trout for your angling pleasure.

The time to pull-back from the day-to-day political drama, locally and at the federal level, and take in what’s happening from an eagle’s perspective, is here. This is more important than most people understand. It’s the key to gaining an true understanding of the unspeakable evil that we allow to oppress us and how to gain the freedom we’ve never had.






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