Coffee Mug Mystery Solved


On December 24, 2018, Kevin Spacey uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that went viral. It currently has over 7.5 million views. Titled, Let Me Be Frank, the video begins with a close-up of Spacey’s hands in the final stage of washing them in his kitchen sink. Water running over them, as he rubs his hands together, shakes them free of excess water and reaches for a kitchen towel next to the sink, the viewer sees a roasted Christmas turkey or large goose on a wooden block, partially carved in the left of the frame.

As the camera pulls back, Spacey, wearing a Santa Clause-themed apron, addresses the camera as he dries his hands with the towel.

He begins his monologue in Frank Underwood’s smooth southern drawl.



Spacey’s Mug






Ready for Some Fun?


Hello everyone. Thanks for joining me. Did everyone have a Merry Christmas?
With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to take the first of many steps back I mentioned the other day. Remember?

Consider the following a little bit of homework. Now don’t fret. It’s actually a fun and extremely enlightening series of questions. Honest. Actually, the questions aren’t nearly as enlightening as the answers.

Ready? Great. Now pay attention. Here we go.

Does anyone know what The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations does?

No? Here’s a clue: What Tavistock does, it’s doing to you.

Next question: Has anyone out there ever heard of the following term and if so, do you know how to define it?: long range penetration and inner directional conditioning.

Here’s a clue: Think of the grey matter between your ears as a porterhouse steak and long range penetration and inner directional conditioning as the meat tenderizer.

Here’s the next question: Do Top Facebook executives permit their own children near Facebook?

Next question: Who is Lord Richard B. Allan?

Here’s a clue: Lord Allan joined Facebook on June 26, 2009.

What is it exactly Lord Richard Allan does at Facebook, you’re asking?

Fun, fun stuff. Really! Absolutely groovy. Projects like mind-control algorithms and techniques specifically tailored with Facebook users in mind.

I suppose those of you out there that are ungrateful, would call those super-lucky Facebook users Lord Allan influences with his algorithms and mind-control techniques guinea pigs or just plain foolish to continue to engage with such an unsavory platform.

And you know what? You’re right! The very folks administering Allan’s super-secret program agree with you. Yes. That’s right!

They consider anyone dense enough to maintain an active presence on Facebook a bit soft in the head. And they’re laughing at them. Really they are!
Why? Because that platform is playing them like a violin.

Come to think of it, that answers question number 3. No, of course those executives don’t allow their own kids near the toxic garbage. The toxic garbage they’re forcing on you and your kids.

Wow! Can you say hypocrisy with a large helping of unadulterated evil?

There’s even more to this nightmare. Just click on the links I’ve provided in the productions notes, if you really want something to knock your socks off.


Click Here for the Answers

Facebook and Tavistock




Nancy’s Beaded Curtain


President Donald Trump continues compromising on the exact nature of his proposed wall on the Southern border, but Nancy Pelosi is not impressed.

He’s already backed off of the cement – now he’s down to, I think, a beaded curtain or something, I’m not sure where he is,” Pelosi said mockingly in an interview with USA Today.




The Man That Cut the Rope


High in the Peruvian Andes, a blizzard raging around them, the two men were fighting the longest of odds for their lives. British climber Joe Simpson, then 24, had shattered his right leg in a fall near the 21,000-foot summit of the Siula Grande Mountain, leaving Simon Yates, then 21, with the almost impossible task of getting himself and his injured climbing partner off the mountain alive.




It’s Time to Pull Back


Many are citing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s advocacy for a higher minimum wage and comparing it with an ad he recently placed for unpaid interns. They’ve determined, for obvious reasons, Schumer is a hypocrite.

And although his calls for an increase in the minimum wage together with his recent ad for unpaid labor constitutes hypocrisy, people are missing the bigger picture.

To keep the DC swamp stocked with future dwellers, it’s imperative interns receive very little, to no monetary compensation for their efforts. It’s set-up that way for a reason:

It deprives anyone who isn’t a member of a wealthy family able to sponsor them during their internship, of the opportunity to serve in the Senate. This nearly guarantees, only the children of wealthy parents will apply for these positions. It’s a way to keep it all in the upper-crust family, so to speak. Gotta groom the next generation of swamp dwellers. Gotta keep the swamp stocked. Kinda like what Fish and Game does for lakes on a seasonal basis. Fills em with trout for your angling pleasure.

The time to pull-back from the day-to-day political drama, locally and at the federal level, and take in what’s happening from an eagle’s perspective, is here. This is more important than most people understand. It’s the key to gaining an true understanding of the unspeakable evil that we allow to oppress us and how to gain the freedom we’ve never had.






So Much for that Early-Warning System

My question was addressed in September of this year. It seems I wasn’t the only one wondering what happened to those high-tech, early-warning sea-floor sensors developed by the US National Science Foundation and given to the Indonesian government, after the cataclysmic earthquake and subsequent tsunami of 2004.


Christmas in California


In sunny California, the holiday season’s spirit of giving and love is something to behold. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the following feel-good story.

Tulare County Sheriff, Mike Boudreaux, has a heart-warming tale for everyone to enjoy. So put another log on the fire, grab a cup of hot cocoa and settle-in for a Christmas story that’s sure to leave you riled-up and looking for that pitchfork out in the old barn.


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