The Becoming Begins


United States elected officials representing the citizens of New York State and New York City, that took an oath to uphold the Constitution and U.S. laws, have betrayed their oath by permitting U.S. laws to be supplanted.

Not to be outdone by their London, England counterparts, New York City public officials recently removed the New York Police Department from select neighborhoods in the city and replaced police officers with “Muslim Community Patrol” cars (MCP). The cars, aren’t driven by NYC police officers but by adherents of everyone’s favorite peaceful ideology, wearing official shirts complete with pseudo badges. The MCP cars are cruising said neighborhoods and enforcing not U.S. laws, not the laws of the state of New York or those of New York City, but laws antithetical to the principles this nation was founded on.

Because the insignia on the vehicle closely resembles insignia on New York City police department’s vehicles, in a sane world, this would constitute impersonating a police officer. Last time I checked, that’s a Class E felony. On a long list titled, What Could Go Wrong?, with the most troubling points at the top, the Class E felony is near the bottom of the list.

Just sayin’.




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