She Broke the Mueller Story


Bre Payton was a writer for the conservative online news magazine The Federalist and a guest commentator on the Fox News Channel. She was a rising star.

She seemed unafraid to take on things that mattered, including breaking the hard-hitting piece DOJ Destroyed Missing Strzok/Page Text Messages Before The IG Could Review Them on December 13th, where, unlike the mainstream media who later focused on the idea that there was ‘no evidence’ that these text messages were deliberately destroyed, Payton leaned towards the conclusion that there was criminal intent in the deletions, a notion supported by President Trump.

And then she died suddenly on Friday, December 28, 2018.

She was 26.




4 thoughts on “She Broke the Mueller Story”

  1. Partial list of the 2016 election cases of Arkancide….Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn, John Jones QC, John Ashe, Gaven McFaden, Dr Molly McCauley, Michael Rather, Dr Dean Lorich, Klaus Eberwine, Dr Bob Ashton, Peter Smith, Monica Peterson, Beranton Whisenant….and the two MS-13 hitmen snuffed in Virginia hours after Seth Rich


  2. Very interesting interview. I want to throw something for those to consider. I happened to see a youtube clip — see below. In that interview, they showed the family. I thought, at the time, that is was rather odd that the family seemed so composed and no tears for one of their loved one’s passing just a few days prior. Do you think she could be in some form of witness protection program and not really passed away? Maybe I was reading to much in the video clip but I thought it was very odd at the time.


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