It’s Over …


The mocking-bird media hates Trump. The Queen’s privy council hates Trump. George Soros and his tools hate Trump. The democrats and the rinos hate Trump. The hacks at the helm of the European Union hate Trump. That chick that looks like a prize fighter, the one with the foul mouth, hates Trump. The United Nations hate Trump. They hate the United States and everything it represents even more. The two generals recently relieved of their duties hate Trump. The FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the US intelligence agencies hate Trump. To put it simply, the Swamp hates Trump.

But there is something the Swamp hates even more than the President. The Wall. The Swamp hates everything the Wall represents. The end to their supply of new voters. The end to their supply of cheap labor. The end to the flow of persons, from countries that have nothing but contempt for the United States, jealous of its successes with not an inkling of how those successes were truly achieved, hands out stretched, demanding US citizens subsidize their existence with their tax dollars. The end to that flow means an end to their scheme to replace us.

The Wall’s construction will cost $25 billion, maybe more. Is it worth it? Given the estimated 300 billion dollars this nation spends annually, as a direct result of not having a wall protecting our southern border, you tell me.

The Wall, and whether it is built or not, will make or break the United States of America. The Wall, and whether it is built or not, will make or break Trump’s presidency.

He knows he can’t cave. If he backs down, this will be their 2020 presidential nominee, and she will win.



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