President Pelosi


For several days, the following theory has been making its way around the internet.

I found it difficult to completely dismiss, when I first came across it. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since. A comprehensive time-line was made available yesterday. The evidence provided with the time-line, although circumstantial, renders it impossible for me to continue ignoring what I am about to share with you.

Plot to Attack W.H.


6 thoughts on “President Pelosi”

  1. What you are missing is a hidden (though in plain sight) fact about Pelosi—- she has a nephew waiting & groomed for Presidency- her nephew is current California governor, Gavin Newsone.


    1. Is that what I’m missing? Am I also missing the fact Newsome’s ex-wife, that woman with a few too many teeth in her head, Kimberly Something-or-Other, has infiltrated the Trump family via her romantic ties to Trump Jr?
      I also must have missed Kimberly Something-or-Other is a member of the San Francisco La Raza Laywers Association.

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      1. Kimmy Guilfoyle (crushing) was FIRST LADY OF SAN FRANCISCO. She is hanging with Pres’ divorced son. Other consideration. Second in line for presidential succession is Nancy Pelosi, herself.

        Vice President Mike Pence Republican

        Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Democratic

        Will Pelosi appoint Hyena Hillary as VP? not if she wants full-term


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