Dear Madam Speaker



Dear Madam Speaker:

In recent months, concerns have been raised in certain circles on Capital Hill, regarding your fitness to hold public office. The media have been all too happy to report your every blunder when speaking publicly. Because they focus on your mispronunciations and repeated failures to recall the name of the current Commander in Chief, these concerns, in my opinion, have gained traction.

Therefore, may I suggest Madam Speaker undergo a brief cognitive skills assessment test? To put to rest once and for all, any doubts members in your own party may be harboring as well as those in leadership positions within the republican party, as to your fitness to hold public office, the exam is best administered in a public setting. Should you agree, this would go a long way in regaining the confidence of the citizens of this nation, that have been swayed by the rumblings within your party from certain individuals determined to undermine your authority.

In 2018, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, underwent such an exam after similar questions were raised regarding his psychological fitness to hold office. The Commander in Chief was tested in a private setting. Were it administered publicly, assuming you agree to such a test, it would present a perfect opportunity to show the people of the United States, you are indeed as fit, if not more so than the President himself.

Was it not you, Madam Speaker, that recently proclaimed the Constitution considers the office you hold, Speaker of the House, equal to that of the Executive?

Never mind. I believe that was one of the countless word-salads you’ve tossed around lately, which planted the seeds of doubt regarding your cognitive fitness in the first place.




Concerned in D.C.



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