What Will Willie Say Next?


You know, come to think of it, I never did see Kamala Harris applaud during the State of the Union address last Tuesday. Even Chuck Schumer applauded once or twice. To be fair, the times he did applaud the President tricked him into it. Once for a child and the other for a woman recently released from prison after a long and unjust sentence. If Schumer hadn’t applauded, he would have looked like an idiot. Territory not unfamiliar to Schumer.



2 thoughts on “What Will Willie Say Next?”

  1. CIA asset Susan Lindauer had advance knowledge of WTC airliner attacks in May 2001. FBI agents Harry Samit and Coleen Rowley arrested hijacker #20 on Aug 16, 2001 and sent evidence to fifty email addresses at the DC HQ. BBC, CNN reported collapse of the 47 story WTC-7 twenty minutes before it happened. NuttyYahoo wrote a book in 1993 that ‘predicted’ the WTC would be nuked by moslum terrorists.

    Who didn’t know that the deep state would conduct a mass murder false flag on 9/11 ?


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