The Biggest Lie Ever Told


Lies and deception are the enemies of truth. They are put forward into the minds and hearts of the people of Earth by those who rage against what is. They are spoken, propagated and acted upon, by those with a vested interest in keeping the understanding of the truth from reaching the consciousness of each individual.



One thought on “The Biggest Lie Ever Told”

  1. “Mysterious Dr X says, Universe is NOT Expanding” > CanadaFreePress, the big bang LIE

    “Did Geo H W Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team” > VeteransToday, the lone gunman LIE

    “Perplexing Apollo Questions for NASA” > FauxScienceSlayer, the great leap LIE

    “Twin Towers Destroyed Using Clean Nukes” > Robert David Steele, the WTC boxcutter LIE


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