Everyone’s a Critic


The President will continue to face push-back. But now that will be coupled with criticism from his supporters. Citizens that don’t have the time to delve into the history, motivation and corruption that has driven the more than two-year investigation into Russian collusion. Some call them low-information citizens. I prefer to call them the average person that voted for President Trump because they believed he would drain the swamp and most importantly, lock her up. And while I understand better than most, that particular task is nearly impossible for one man to achieve, given the entrenched obstructionists within the federal government, better known as the countless members of the Senior Executive Service, working diligently to thwart all of the President’s policies, the average Trump voter/supporter is completely clueless and has no conception of the concerted push-back his administration has faced since he took office.

While it’s true a great number of people have become aware of the depth of corruption in the federal government, I believe it’s important for those of us that are awake to understand the majority of the American people are not. Additionally, in my opinion, even the President had no idea how twisted and rotten the system is until he took office. How much pressure can one man take? Who among you listening, rather than hammering-out rebukes and critiques on your keyboards aimed at those of us that are doing what we can to wake up the sleeping masses have the balls to put your money where your mouths are and actually step up to the plate to do your part to make a difference? How many? Too busy with your 9-5’s like everyone else?



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