What to Expect from Attorney General William Barr


Like Sessions before him, William Barr, the newly minted Attorney General of the United States is a member of the D.C. establishment.

For those of you that believe Barr will clean house, it’s time to wake up.

It isn’t going to happen. Never. Ever. The most anyone can expect from Willie is possibly going after low hanging fruit. Actually, no. Not even that. Because all the low hanging fruit leads directly back to the Clinton machine.

The time has come for everyone to understand, to know, the traitors will never be brought to justice under the current system. It’s beyond repair. Everyone involved is so utterly compromised. Let me remind you of who William Barr is.

He is the man that gave the federal agents involved in the Ruby Ridge debacle a free pass. Does anyone listening remember this infamous and heartless tactic the federal agents broadcast over loud speakers for the surviving members of the Weaver family to hear in the days after Vicki Weaver’s life was ended by one of the agents William Barr went on to protect from prosecution?

Good morning, Mrs. Weaver. We had pancakes this morning. And what did you have for breakfast? Why don’t you send the children out for some pancakes, Mrs. Weaver.”

This is the man you believe will bring justice to the department of justice? Robert Mueller’s best friend? The one whose wife attends the same bible study group as Mueller’s wife? Never gonna happen. Never. Ever.

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