When I Got Home the Lights Were Out


I left the office on Thursday afternoon and when I got home the lights were out. I stopped by one of my neighbor’s apartment and we had a few beers while we waited for the power to come back on. Three days later, we still have no water, no electricity, no food, no cash and no explanations (or help whatsoever) from the authorities.

2 thoughts on “When I Got Home the Lights Were Out”

  1. You are a bit behind the news. The saboteurs have been caught and power is being restored. The attack was an online hacking. But 80% of Venezuela power comes from only one source, as does the water due to years upon years of sanctions. Why so many sanctions and for so long? I live in what is now considered the most expensive country in the world; Australia. I have to cart my drinking and cooking water in my old car from the nearby town where it is so pure and that’s where I usually wash my body. We pump water from a creek to water our crops and for our clothes washing. Yet we have numerous sources of power. Australia doesn’t have sanctions upon us, our illegal governments have so many taxes and the cost of living is rising every month. I live on the side of a mountain just 30 minutes drive from one of the most popular eco tourist areas in the world. My home is an old caravan from the 1960s. My stove is a camping gas stove. I have no running water. I have a toilet that is hole in the ground. I have a camping ice box for my perishables that has freezer bricks I must change morning and night so my perishable foods don’t spoil. I have a camping freezer I change the freezer bricks from which is powered by a long cable from a power outlet. I am 64 going on 65 and have cataracts in both eyes from the fluoride I was forced to drink from childhood through adult years. Australia’s municipal water is full of fluoride, still.
    Your story of Venezuela is an every day occurrence for me, and I love it. Just today a huge lizard paid me a visit, it was the small lizard from a year ago grown up. We have storms that regularly knock out the power, some times we have floods that can isolate us for days. We have the world’s most deadly snakes too and 6 months ago one was in my caravan and it woke me up early one morning as it wanted to get out due to the fact that the rat it ate made it too big to get out the way it came in. I opened the door and the world’s 2nd most deadly snake left.
    We have vegetable gardens, fruit trees abound but it is still developing. I have to drive 30 minutes to buy food, then 30 minutes back.
    What your narrative was about is almost a daily experience for me, and I love it and I am prepared for it. Thats the difference. I have had illnesses that hospitals/western medicine can’t treat, I have died 3 times and came back. I had a 10 year physical disability that was made worse by a hospital but I got it fixed by a chain smoking old Chinese doctor who came to Australia during the Cultural Revolution. I wore glasses from childhood to my 40s until one day Scientology treated me for free and I didn’t need glasses for 14 years. I also had full blown PTSD which Scientology cured me of, also for free. I’d not recommend Scientology to any one but they were just a miracle for me and my mother. In fact they used to give me money!!! They sent me to a convention on a ship they own in the Caribbean Sea. But I was the only person to attend the convention so I holidayed on the ship, for a whole month, visiting islands that most ships don’t go to. It was incredible. the whole trip only cost me AU$3,000 including return flights. They kicked me out, eventually.
    It’s either you love life and deal with the challenges or go under. Venezuela or here in Australia is very similar, just depends on how you deal with it.
    Yes, Australia’s government is illegal. But I know the true law of our land, pretty much the same law as in the USA and all colonies of the City of London, if you know that law and apply it you can have a good life and they even help you out.


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