New Tax-Law: Don’t Expect a Refund


A government report has revealed that 11 million taxpayers are losing out on $323 billion worth of deductions due to changes in President Donald Trump’s tax law.

The first tax filing season under the new federal tax law is proving to be surprising. Take Andy and Amy. The couple had grown comfortable getting a small refund each year, a few hundred dollars or more. Then they found out they owe $10,160 this year.


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Whether You Like It or Not


The Sierra Club California Conservation Committee urges the National Conservation Policy Committee to adopt an oppose position to the FCC’s recent promulgation of a rule that waives environmental review, and limits local control, of the deployment of 5G wireless technology and small cell box installations.

The federal government is fast-tracking a roll-out of 5G infrastructure. The FCC ruling on September 26, 2018 limits local authorities’ discretion over the placement of

5G equipment in public right-of-ways in front of homes. (1) The FCC ruling will result in cell tower installation without local community members’ knowledge or consent, and overrides local control by municipalities throughout America while waiving environmental review on the environmental impacts of this new technology.


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Michael Cohen Was One of My Very Best Friends


Many of you may already know that I considered Michael Cohen to be one of my very best friends. Countless people can confirm that we were virtually inseparable during my employment at Trump – and that he is, single-handedly – responsible for introducing me to the Trump family and effectively changing my entire life. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my heart still breaks for him and for his family, with whom I had grown extremely close.

The United States After President Trump


We know what comes after President Trump if the Democrats gain control.  The Trump presidency, be it a success or a failure in terms of fulfilling his stated campaign promises, has had the unparalleled effect of unmasking the corporate-controlled media and the Democrats for what they really are.

In other words, the Democrats are the party of unlimited socialist dictatorship — they have trampled the United States Constitution, the enumerated powers, and the Bill of Rights. This nation’s founding documents mean nothing to them. Nothing. And the mainstream-media, we can all agree, are nothing more than mouth-pieces, controlled by national and international corporate interests.