Update: Caracas,Venezuela


Footage of the ongoing melt-down in the socialist paradise of Caracas, Venezuela, is a preview of what lies in store for us if we continue to sleep.


“We Clearly Cannot Believe Barr”


Attorney General William Barr has reportedly made it clear he will skip this coming week’s House Judiciary hearing over Chairman Jerry Nadler’s proposal to have committee counsels question him instead of members of Congress regarding his management of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Department of Justice officials contend that lawmakers, not staffers, should conduct the hearing.

Dept. of Defense to Send Cooks and Drivers to Border


Hundreds of migrants boarded a train in southern Mexico on Thursday, in a move to get to the U.S. border quicker.

The decision to board the train came shortly after over 1000 Cubans escaped an immigration detention center in the southern border city of Tapachula on Thursday night. President Trump has been pressuring Mexico to do more to stem the flow, promising to close down the border with Mexico if President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador doesn’t stop illegals from streaming through Mexico’s southern border.