CBS Encourages Assassination of President Trump


A White House petition has been launched demanding an investigation into CBS for threatening the life of President Donald . J. Trump.

According to the petition:

On April 13, 2019, the official “The Good Fight” twitter account, a show produced by and managed by CBS, posted a video – a video featuring an actor talking directly at the camera, advocating that “some speech requires a more visceral response,” that it is okay and even encouraged to violently attack someone who says things you disagree with. They also posted a screenshot asking viewers if they noticed any “easter eggs” which predominately featured the words, “ASSASSINATE PRESIDENT TRUMP,” and “ELIMINATE MAR-A-LAGO.” And this isn’t even the first time – in the same show, in the episode titled “Day 457,” a character also suggests the assassination of the President.

This violates Code title 18, Section 871.


The Petition

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