Trump Welcomes Sleepy Joe to the 2020 Race


This morning, President Trump welcomed former vice-President, Joe Biden, to the 2020 race for the U.S. presidency. At 5:22 am, the President posted the following Tweet:

Welcome to the race Sleepy Joe. I only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. It will be nasty – you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick & demented ideas. But if you make it, I will see you at the Starting Gate!

FBI: Hillary Emails Found in Executive Office of the President


Judicial Watch has announced that a senior FBI official admitted, in writing and under oath, that the FBI found Clinton email records in the Obama White House, specifically, the Executive Office of the President. The FBI also admitted nearly 49,000 Clinton server emails were reviewed as result of a search warrant for her material on the laptop of Anthony Weiner.


Priestap’s Responses

Trump: “Now Just a Question of Time”


At 4:04 am this morning, the President posted the following Tweet:

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” @OANN WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!

Giuliani: Hillary Better Get a Lawyer


Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday, where he defended Trump – saying that Democrats “had two investigations to prove it,” referring to collusion; “the FBI counterintelligence investigation – in the words of Peter Strzok – ‘no there there’, and then this one,” referring to the Mueller probe. 

Pelosi: May Have No Choice but to Impeach


Tuesday at the “Time 100 Summit” during a question-and-answer session in New York City, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House may have “no choice” but to impeach President Donald Trump.

Pelosi said, “I do believe impeachment is one of the most divisive forces — paths we could go down to in our country. But if the facts, the path of fact-finding takes us there we have no choice but we are not there yet.”