Is U.S. Military Leadership Loyal to Constitution?


El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a historic 1,036 in a single group near El Paso on Wednesday morning. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials reported the group included 934 family units.

 CBP Deputy Commissioner, Robert E. Perez, said in a written statement, the apprehension  demonstrates the severity of the lack of security at the southern border.

It is likely, most of the family units will be released into the US after processing, due to overcrowding.

William Barr Sides with Swamp


Attorney General William Barr has broken with President Trump on the issue of whether or not Obama-era officials committed treason.

Barr, in a sit-down interview with CBS News, was asked whether he agreed with previous comments Trump has made suggesting some people with ties to the former president’s administration had done so.



Barr Strikes-Down Mueller’s Narrative


Almost immediately after Robert Mueller stepped away from the podium on Wednesday after giving his first and final remarks on the Russia probe, speculation turned to Attorney General William Barr, as Democrats and the media speculated that the special counsel had just delivered a painful snub to his longtime friend and erstwhile boss.