Has President Trump Abandoned Us?


For years, conservative voices, accounts, channels and websites have been silenced, de-platformed, de-monitized, suspended and have had their ability to accept payments blocked by banking institutions directly impacting their financial stability. This has taken place, with impunity, under the guise of protecting users from a laundry-list of unacceptable beliefs both political and religious, to name a few.

President Trump has the authority to direct Attorney General William Barr to launch an investigation into those social media platforms and institutions that have been censoring conservative voices for years. The open forum and anti-trust laws must be enforced. Has the President forgotten it was the independent media that played a significant role in his 2016 election win?

As the 2020 election cycle draws near, more and more conservatives will be silenced. It would behoove President Trump to do more than Tweet his disapproval of this ongoing censorship. Will he take action to protect the speech of the very people that supported his first campaign? Tweets are entertaining and oftentimes provide much needed insight. But Tweets won’t cut it. Action is what is required and speaks louder than words or Tweets.

One thought on “Has President Trump Abandoned Us?”

  1. It’s a fair question but what I see is that there are many fronts in this war and these authoritarians are well entrenched. Mass arrests need to begin very soon or the onslaught will just be too much to overcome. If the DOJ really has a majority of patriots within they need to seize control of the apparatus from within and screw all the bureaucratic entanglements. If, as in some places has been stated, William Barr is really the point man in the DOJ for the Alliance against the cabal then this reassertion of power within the DOJ can be achieved in pincer movements within. From here it doesn’t look very hopeful. The biggest fact supporting hope is that Trump is still alive… but it seems barely considering all the enemies foreign and domestic. Just how many major issues can be handled at once?


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