When Will the Swamp be Drained?


On Day-One, Immediately, Tomorrow, Next Week, After the Holiday Break, After Christmas, Easter, New Year’s,Thanksgiving, After the Mid-Terms, After Mueller Finishes His Investigation, When We Take Back the House, During My Second Term, Buy American, Hire American, Lock Her Up, Mexico Will Pay for the Wall, the Bollard-Wall, the Fence, the Barrier, I’ll Shut-Down the Border, I’ll Keep the Government Closed Indefinitely, Mexico is Starting to do Their Part, Democrats Want Open Borders, Stop Chain Migration, Stop the Visa-Lottery Program, The Forgotten Men and Women Will No Longer be Forgotten, Witch-Hunt, 14 Angry Democrats, Social Media Censorship …. Very Unfair, I Will Put Americans First, I want 5G, Bruce Ohr and His Lovely Wife Nellie, The Lovers Strozk and Page, I Met with Tim Cook … Productive Meeting, I Met with Jack Dorsey … Productive Meeting, Take the Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second

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