Trump Picks Anti-Trumper to Implement Immigration Policies


President Donald Trump has picked Ken Cuccinelli, the guy that led the effort to strip the President of delegates during the 2016 presidential primaries. What better person for the President to select than a GOP-establishment swamp-rat to implement and coordinate his immigration policies and decisions?

One thought on “Trump Picks Anti-Trumper to Implement Immigration Policies”

  1. I love your videos. You are exactly what I need, intelligent, on point, brief, voluminous, and all encompassing in what you cover. It happens that I agree with just about everything you say, and for a while I hoped Trump was listening to you. But I grow increasingly disappointed with Trump and the decisions he is making (or not making). I suspect they have gotten to him in some way, or he’s very clever at deceiving the conservative masses. I feel it is way past the time we should be marching and protesting the creeping loss of our rights, and given the border situation, our country. Hope is waning.


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