This Is Just the Beginning


Today, June 25, 2019, Senator Ted Cruz, during a Commerce Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., grilled a Google executive over yesterday’s report released by Project Veritas, that featured leaked documents from within the company, a Google whistle-blower and a top executive from the company on film admitting the tech giant actively and purposefully is engaged in election meddling by programming their search algorithm to intervene for fairness. That’s socialist-speak for making certain President Trump isn’t reelected.


One thought on “This Is Just the Beginning”

  1. Ted Cruz gets to do his tough-guy act every now and then but he has long been a filthy traitor to the USA. What you need to do is post your Bitchute link to this video.  Many of us were locked out of YouTube a few years ago for no good reason and we cannot even vote  a thumbs up on your videos there, but we can at least view the video and comment at Bitchute.  Go with that option NOW. I do not think posting comments on your own website is the best place to comment on a video of yours. Never put a link to one of your YouTube videos anywhere, but always put a link, like in this and these videos, to the Bitchute of this video. We have to stop all cooperation with Google entities as best we can right now.  I have ATT yahoo email service and I would love to go to some other email platform but I do not know how to do that and still hold on to all my archived yahoo emails. We are fighting evil violent people who have no sense of right and wrong and absolutely do not care who they kill or harm.


    “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”

    John 1:5 


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