Using a Thimble to Bail-Out a Sinking Ship


After the President requested his attorneys delay the census, after the Supreme Court put on hold his plan to include a citizenship question in the survey next year, Fox News reports, without citing anyone, that the census will be printed without including the U.S. citizenship question.

As The New York Times proudly writes, the decision is a victory for critics who said the question was part of an administration effort to skew the census results in favor of Republicans.

One thought on “Using a Thimble to Bail-Out a Sinking Ship”

  1. Completely agree that it is absurd that these judges now control the country. However, in this specific issue, it is unlikely that illegals will feel comfortable completing the census whether the citizen question was included or not. Admitting that there is 8 people living in a one bedroom apartment is not going to happen.


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