California on Heightened Quake-Alert


Saint Louis, Missouri’s Michael Janitch, Dutchsinse, to his YouTube audience, has issued an updated earthquake-alert status for Southern California. From today, until July 11, 2019, Janitch recommends Californians be prepared with an earthquake plan of action. According to Janitch, if significant pressure isn’t released, Californians should be prepared for a 7.5 magnitude quake.


Dutchsinse Twitter Feed


One thought on “California on Heightened Quake-Alert”

  1. Thank you for acknowledging and promoting Dutch and his amazing work regarding earthquake forecasting.
    Many years ago I saw and questioned airplanes making lasting lines across the skies and odd clouds. I stumbled upon Dutch’s work in my quest for information. He gave me answers backed with evidence. He received much flack for dispensing this info…
    After turning his attention to earthquakes, I continued following Dutch. I was not particularly interested in earthquakes, but Dutch was fun and interesting to listen to….and he backed everything with evidence….over and over again. I always hated geography and maps in school. Now I have exponentially increased my geographical knowledge…effortlessly! I can even utilize his forecasting methods on my own now, and I’m not too bad at it for a retired old lady!
    Dutch is an amazing, highly intelligent, personable, well spoken, self educated young man with a gift for teaching. He’s greatly respected and admired by his followers…and rightfully so!


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