Trump Removed from 2020 Ballot


Under the “Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act,”any candidate running for president or governor in California must file copies of their tax returns from the previous five years to the California secretary of State, or their names will be stricken from the ballot.

2 thoughts on “Trump Removed from 2020 Ballot”

  1. How can this be Constitutional? We have SO MANY laws, Acts, etc. passed during the last quarter of a century, both federal and state, that are ILLEGAL because they contradict the Constitution and Bill Of Rights and the Declaration Of Independence, that someone has to challenge them in court, all of them! Of course that means we need to have judges who know they are not legislators but they have to follow what was originally written!


  2. This cannot be constitutional, and I’d say that any state that holds an unconstitutional national voting process should be eliminated from participating in the national voting process completely. If this spreads, surely there will be marching in the streets. That will be the straw that breaks the back. Will the conservative voters in California stand for this? This is just beyond the pale.


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