Hurricane Dorian Gaining Incredible Strength


On Wednesday we were told that Hurricane Dorian would only be a Category 3 storm when it hits the Florida coastline, but now we are being told that it will be a Category 4 storm. Hurricane Dorian is rapidly gaining strength over very warm waters in the Atlantic Ocean, and the latest forecast has it making landfall somewhere along the east coast of Florida on Monday.  If it is officially a Category 4 storm when it arrives, it will be the most powerful storm to hit the east coast of Florida since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Gatekeeper to President Resigns

After reportedly being caught leaking details about President Trump, his family and his time in the White House to the press, an aide and gatekeeper to President Trump has resigned from her position at the White House. Madeleine Westerhout, the now-former special assistant to the president and director of Oval Office operations, had worked for the president since the transition.

Google’s Hero Revealed


On May 30, 2017, President Trump used the word, “Covfefe” in a Tweet and nobody knew what he meant. If you Googled the word you couldn’t find it. 

In a series of Tweets titled, Deleting Covfefe, internet sleuth Tiffany FitzHenry, reports how Google scrambled to erase the definition from its search engine immediately after the President used it in his 2017 Tweet.


Epstein Update


It appears that Jeffrey had really good timing.

Not only was his cellmate relocated the day before Epstein cashed-in his chips, overworked prison guards reportedly fell asleep – missing their assigned 30-minute checks on the highest profile inmate in the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s history.

But you already know all that. So let’s get to today’s developments.