3 thoughts on “Dayton, Ohio: Mass-Shooting”

  1. Nancy Morgan Hart would not agree with your narrator’s comment- “this won’t stop until everyone is disarmed”.
    First, these are staged false flags to distract from Epstein’s black book & Second, to provide communists like kamala Harris more gun confiscation talking points. One or two armed Americans would have foiled the deep state false flags by shooting the “shooters”. Nancy would do nothing less.


    1. That’s what I said. This won’t stop until everyone is disarmed.
      Please remember, there are certain words I can not use in my YouTube uploads.
      False-flags is one such phrase.
      You’re not the only viewer that misunderstood my narrator’s note.
      Maybe, I’ll take a chance of receiving a strike against my channel and clarify.
      I had no idea so many people wouldn’t understand.



  2. Well…I did not misunderstand. But…I’ve been listening long enough to know what is being said beneath the spoken words. I was shocked this morning to see how few articles and videos I could find that are addressing the FF nature of these latest shootings. I suspect it is a reflection of the massive censorship going on.


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