6 thoughts on “Narrator’s Note Clarification”

  1. Hi,

    I love your work and wish I could support your efforts, & would if my own survival was secured.
    What I think would help Americans, since there is little time to know all the aspects of the weaponized legal speak that makes us 14th amendment citizens (slaves), before the 2020 election.
    But then I hear this guy Ron “The Bear” Davis say that we need to turn in our voter registration cards because signing it, also grants them jurisdiction !
    How the heck do we really know what to do? I’m diligently searching for the right path and can’t find it !


  2. I knew what you meant the first time. And you are exactly right. I also believe there are a large number of Patiots who will never give up tbeir weapons. Thank you for all you do. It’s refreshing to hear someone to say it like it is, which seems kind of rare.


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