The Founders and Hong Kong


Since March 2019, the people of Hong Kong have protested by the hundreds of thousands against an extradition bill to mainland China. Although Chief Executive Carrie Lam suspended the extradition bill in mid June, Lam didn’t state that the bill would be fully withdrawn. Additionally, Hong Kong’s executive council members declared that the government does not intend to make further concessions.




One thought on “The Founders and Hong Kong”

  1. I think one of the things that keeps us US citizens is a state of immobility despite our fury at the current state of affairs is the size of our nation. We are so big it is hard to figure out how to get a mass movement going – or even a small local movement going (although Soros seems to be able to do it). I am certain there are many of us who want to act but cannot sort out how to do it. I’m not a activist by nature, but I did once try to organize a protest years ago (before computers) – via talk radio, and I (and two press people who I’m sure were laughing their heads off) were the only one who showed up. How to have an impact when no one comes?


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