Three Mile Island


Situated directly across from the number two reactor that suffered a partial meltdown on Three Mile Island in 1979 – is another unit that remains one of the region’s largest power sources. In fact, the second unit has provided power for 45 years without incident. Now, that unit is scheduled to be decommissioned by September 30 2019.

Plant owner Exelon says that it will shutter the entire Three Mile Island facility 15 years before its license expires. While reactor number two was brought down by human error, Three Mile Island is being brought down by utility-industry economics.

One thought on “Three Mile Island”

  1. Early 70’s very close friend traveled to inspect parts going into 3 Mile Island. He received ongoing stress for repeatedly failing faulty/imperfect seams as evidenced via x-rays. Just sayin..imagine the outcome when he a meticulous and honest individual resigned after a short time. He traveled the east coast and to Canada for the inspections at the manufacturing sites prior to parts being shipped to 3 Mile Island. Any wonder 3 Mile Island happened? Nah.


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