You Agreed to the Terms


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been leading the pack of some two dozen Democratic primary contenders on a range of progressive issues. But here’s one survey they probably don’t want you to see.

According to a survey from the National Association of Business Economists, canceling Americans’ student debt, one of the most pressing domestic issues for 2020, would have an adverse impact on the US economy – instead of unleashing the millennial generation’s consumption power, allowing them to settle down, buy homes and start families.

One thought on “You Agreed to the Terms”

  1. I worked for a university for 35 years. My last position was state regulation compliance for hiring and reorganization. You couldn’t be more wrong in your views of student loans (SL). The SL plan was hatched at a university presidents conference in 1993. University Presidents were by that time majority big name Jews, fact. When our President came back he started working on removing our state universities from State regulation. The board was changed to big business CEO’s no more educators on the board. The Universities no longer made request to the legislature on financial issues, or anything that required legislative approval and they became free to do as they wished. They didn’t change the laws, they ignored them and our Democratic legislature turned a blind eye.
    Then our President started reorganizing the administration. Elemating all persons that did not approve of his plan. The administration side of the University grew by 1000%+ and their salaries grew by hundreds of thousands of dollars. New corporate titles started showing up, hundreds of new administrators positions, all academic held administrative positions were eliminated. We now had, vice presidents of everything with assistants, associates, assistants to the associates, directors of nothing to do with education…we used to joke how many assistants could be hired in one office.
    Of course what parents used to be able to save up for over time, and afford for college was not possible anymore. As student loans were almost unheard of, now became a requirement if you wanted your child (or self) to “aquire a better life through education”.

    College football coaches that used to get paid around $200,000 a year are now getting paid millions, Presidents of Universities that used to get paid up to $500,000 a year in ivy league are now getting paid millions, even the lesser university presidents are getting paid a half million or more yearly … and don’t forget the abundance of useless administrators who all get paid more than $100,000 a year.

    The student is the one that pays the bills. The student is now indebted to a Jew agenda (fact) for their entire life, just the way it was planned.

    In my position I questioned what was happening. The plan was illegal. I didn’t have any notifications from the legislature to proceed with reorganization plans. I did however recieve threats by phone, my boss, and administrators to keep my mouth shut or pay the price. I didn’t stay quiet. I called them out daily for three years. Other people were scared to say anything, I wasn’t. Finally, after three years of pure evil harassment, I was fired. The woman who fired me was a woman who I had worked with for 30 years. I told her that I never thought there would come the day that I would disrespect her as much as I do now. Holding back tears she told me to just leave, get out! I told the entire room of people … I unlike them can not be bought and turn my head to the vile plan being brought against our students and faculty, you should all be ashamed at what you have done. I received a letter from the administration telling me I was banned from campus and that I would be arrested for tresspassing if found on campus.

    Simply put…the student loans should be forgiven and universities should be given back to the people, and become a place for education instead of running a money making scheme.


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