Google’s Hero Revealed


On May 30, 2017, President Trump used the word, “Covfefe” in a Tweet and nobody knew what he meant. If you Googled the word you couldn’t find it. 

In a series of Tweets titled, Deleting Covfefe, internet sleuth Tiffany FitzHenry, reports how Google scrambled to erase the definition from its search engine immediately after the President used it in his 2017 Tweet.


Epstein Update


It appears that Jeffrey had really good timing.

Not only was his cellmate relocated the day before Epstein cashed-in his chips, overworked prison guards reportedly fell asleep – missing their assigned 30-minute checks on the highest profile inmate in the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s history.

But you already know all that. So let’s get to today’s developments.


Trump Rattles Global Markets


Shares mostly fell Monday after the latest escalation in the U.S.-China trade tensions renewed uncertainties about global economies, as well as questions over what President Donald Trump might say next.

Stephen Innes, managing partner at Valour Markets in Singapore, compared the difficulty of assessing the volatile market situation to reading tea leaves.

D.C. Politicians Stop Feds w/ Emergency Block


An affluent part of Washington, D.C. and its political patrons, are pulling out all the stops to prevent construction of a child-migrant shelter in its fancy environs.  

The nearly uniform outcry from Washington-area politicians incensed at federal plans to build new shelters for migrant children in Northern Virginia and the District, has some of us confused.

What the H3## Went on at the FBI?



In a pair of jaw-dropping interviews on Thursday following his resignation from, the company he founded twenty years ago, Patrick Byrne revealed his collaboration with the FBI as an informant, including involvement in surveillance of the 2016 presidential campaigns including multiple Republicans … and of the Hillary Clinton campaign, too.

In both interviews Byrne fingered Peter Strzok as the person responsible for sending the men from the FBI who visited him, but in the second, he stated that higher-ups, entities he would only identify as “X, Y, and Z” – people whose names you would know, directed the program.