3 thoughts on “Escape-Hatch was Locked”

  1. All of those crew members, and especially the captain are dishonored. I expect they will have a hard time getting through the rest of their lives, just living with themselves – that’s assuming they can survive the anger , rage, and heartbreak of those who loved the ones who died.


  2. Is this a computer generated voice posed as historical figure Nancy Morgan Hart? Uh qahhh tics. That’s how it’s pronounced. This is the second odd mispronunciation I have caught.


    1. I’ll bite.
      No, I am not a computer, nor is my voice generated by a computer.
      Your life must be boring as all fuck, if you have enough time to “catch” and then post about mispronunciations I may make from time to time.
      Get a life. Better yet, start your own YouTube channel and show the world how it’s done properly.



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