3 thoughts on “Congressman Nadler: Trump a Threat to Democracy”

  1. Wish I could comment on your videos. I know why you are doing it and I hate the fact that you have to. Keep up the good work. I know at times it’s frustrating to see that people have yet to be hammered into dust as many of us feel is required. But sometimes PAIN takes time, and Trump seems to enjoy the process.


  2. Treason is the only high crime, conspiracy to commit treason and accepting emoluments are the only high misdemeanors.
    Emoluments are ONLY remuneration for service in office of some other country (not payment of rent on hotel rooms…for those of you who are stupid or inebriated enough to be members of the Democrat party.).


  3. It is so outrageous that congress has spent two plus years doing nothing but hate Trump and try to ambush him at every corner. How do these people go to work everyday and feel good about what they are doing. Surely at this point they know their constituents would like to see some solid things done like failing infrastructure addressed, toxic chemicals in the air addressed, funds allocated to cleaning up the oceans etc. – things that both the Trump supporters and non supporters want. Why can’t they stop chasing their tails and do something for their pay checks? We, the ones who pay them, should remember to fire them when next we have a chance.


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