About That Booming Economy


California Mega-Port volumes are negative thus far this year, the longest stretch since the Industrial and Great Recessions; echoing the weakness, Cass Freight Shipment Volumes are down 4.5% versus last year.

While the Bloomberg consensus calls for a modest export expansion in the third and fourth quarters of this year, freight volumes suggest otherwise; in August, ISM and IHS Markit export indices fell to levels not seen since 2009, corroborating the freight data.

3 thoughts on “About That Booming Economy”

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      I made the decision to disable comments across my entire channel when YouTube informed content creators they would use how the community “interacted” in a channel’s comment section when determining whether to issue strikes, suspend or delete a channel entirely.
      Disabling comments was a no-brainer after receiving YouTube’s latest policy update.

      Navigating the mine-field that is YouTube’s ever-changing and nebulous Terms of Service, as a conservative-news content creator, is a challenge I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Your frustration is appreciated, but that’s the way I’ve decided to operate my channel to keep it from disappearing like countless others.

      Thank you, for your input.


      Nancy Morgan Hart


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