“They Have to Clean it Up”


The Environmental Protection Agency will issue a violation notice within a week to San Francisco due to the city’s homelessness crisis, President Donald Trump said on Sept. 18.

It’s a terrible situation. That’s in Los Angeles and in San Francisco,” the president said aboard Air Force One returning from a visit to California. “And we’re going to be giving San Francisco—they’re in total violation—we’re going to be giving them a notice very soon.”

One thought on ““They Have to Clean it Up””

  1. Yup, it’s a mess and to add insult to injury, there are ~9k people living on the streets and over 40k apartment units free. What does that tell you? Additionally, any crime less than $900 is considered petty. The cops won’t even show up, so stores have been left with no choice but to hire security to deny access to the home less cause the keep steeling everything otherwise. California has big problems. They need bigger solutions. Dr. Carson was correct.


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