The Biden, Kerry, Bulger Connection to Ukraine and China


President Trump and his allies have hit back over the Ukraine allegations, noting former Vice President Joe Biden openly bragged last year about pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who at the time was investigating Burisma. Biden’s son Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma until early this year.


The Biden, Heinz, Bulger Connection to China

2 thoughts on “The Biden, Kerry, Bulger Connection to Ukraine and China”

  1. Nancy Pelosi saying she (or fellow Democrats) will not vote for impeachment… is a bold face (reverse psychology) lie, but I digress to simply say, impeachments are historically rare… there have only been two (2) impeachment out of 44 US Presidents… 1) Andrew Johnson (1868) and 2) Bill Clinton (1998) and the later was never even removed from office! Unless a US President is involved in some kind of extremely serious/heinous crime, the chances of impeachment are slim to none. Sadly, impeachment inquiries/impeachment processes achieve very little, accept to suck more money from the DC tax payer money tree and distract congress from working on more important issues… like continuing the three-ring-circus act and tending to personal salaries, benefits and vacations!


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