One thought on “Constitutionally Bound to Feed the Circus”

  1. Actually the consent of the full house is required to initiate impeachment proceedings and there is no requirement for the Senate to try the case in the event of an impeachment. The Constitution simply limits trial of an impeachment to the Senate so that no court may try the case…and limits even the Senate to removal from office as the only penalty in the event of a conviction…but…even in the event that the Senate convicts…removal is not required.
    A sitting President may be impeached ONLY for treason, conspiracy to commit treason or accepting high office from a foreign power.
    And that is why Nixon resigned in order to protect the office of the President from perpetual impeachment attempts.
    This is not a legitimate impeachment inquiry because only the entire House has the power to initiate impeachment.
    It is treason because a sitting president may only be impeached for the reasons listed above.


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