President Trump About to Make Another Bold Move


The Trump administration is expected to soon announce that it plans to exit the Open Skies treaty. The treaty was signed in 1992 and went into effect in 2002.

The agreement allows 34 member states to conduct unarmed surveillance flights over one another’s territories. The treaty is used to help verify arms control agreements, according to the US Defense Department.

2 thoughts on “President Trump About to Make Another Bold Move”

  1. Your idea to replace bureaucrats is a sound one. Remember during the shut down a reduction in force announcement was made? Did you wonder what didn’t happen and why?
    The Deep State happened. The Senior Executive Service (SES) actually runs every agency regardless of the President’s appointment. P.L.95-454 became effective 7/13/1979. SES members cannot be fired period. They have their own budget with salaries far above civil service ratings. Oversight is in an annual report to Congress for budget renewal. They are moved from agency to agency regardless of training, skills, or talent. They Are the Resistance. Obama moved many of his political appointees to SES in latter 2016. I have read as many as 8,000 but have not been able to verify. Maybe you can.
    For the President to drain the swamp, this law must be repealed.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Lennie Rhys


    1. I’ve been alerting anyone willing to listen about the Senior Executive Service for at least 21.5 months. If President Trump had kept the partial government shut-down in effect for a few more days, he would have had the legal authority to kick every last one of these blood-suckers out of D.C. One of the worst moves of his presidency, was to re-open the partial shut-down when he did. However, I believe the President isn’t aware how the SES operates.

      Here are some of my past reports on the Senior Executive Service:

      Thank you, for your interest.



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